HostMonster Offering Numerous Bonuses to Clients

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HostMonster hosting packages have a number of useful bonus features for clients. Everything can be set up quickly and customer service is easily accessed by clients. HostMonster services can be had for as low as $3.95 per month with a discount code or coupon.

The unlimited services and tools that HostMonster hosting provides to clients include:

  • Unlimited additional FTP accounts
  • Unlimited forwarding email accounts
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited web hosting space

HostMonster supports international domain names for clients who may be based in other countries or who want to expand into foreign markets. This allows clients to use HostMonster for all of their hosting needs instead of hiring a domestic hosting company and foreign hosting company.

Customized error pages can be set up along with detailed log files and complete site statistics. Clients can see exactly when and where their site is receiving the most amount of traffic from. This allows them to cater their message or selling points to customers more accurately.

In addition, HostMonster clients receive bonus features regardless of their account status that include:

  • Bulletin board
  • Form-mail script
  • Image galleries
  • Mailing lists

These bonus features can be valuable extras for clients who may not have a large budget available. Other hosting companies may try to charge extra for these kinds of features. Clients who choose HostMonster for its bonus features may find their monthly bill to be significant lower compared to clients with other hosting companies.

The multimedia features provided by HostMonster include:

  • Support for Flash
  • Support for Macromedia Shockwave
  • Support for MIDI files
  • Support for Real audio
  • Support for Real video

HostMonster can also handle a client’s need for streaming audio or video. Clients can create multimedia performances to bring in customers to their website with HostMonster’s multimedia support. Video content can be more effective at attracting and retaining customers compared to plain text on a website.

For clients who need a site oriented around e-commerce, HostMonster’s financial tools include:

  • Agora shopping cart
  • Free generated certificate
  • OS Commerce shopping cart
  • Password protected directories
  • SSL secure server

These financial tools will help clients buy and sell their products or services in a secure manner. Safe sites allow customers to spend their money without worrying about identity theft or stolen data.

HostMonster uses quad processor performance servers to deliver superior operations to clients. All servers are monitored around the clock for irregularities, enabling technicians to catch problems before they happen. At least one shift of HostMonster technicians is always on guard for potential data problems.

Data and power backups are provided on site to protect clients’ data. Power backups are supplied with UPS and with a dedicated power generator. This prevents data loss from a power outage or downed power line.

HostMonster provides excellent performance at a low price point. Their generous hosting packages can fit individuals on a small budget as well as all sizes of companies. For clients looking for high-quality features with lots of bonuses, HostMonster hosting can be an excellent choice.

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