iPage Hosting Delivering Partnership Features to Clients

The strength of iPage hosting is in the numerous partnerships that the company cultivates. iPage provides a number of opportunities from other industry-leading companies that they are partnered with. Prices for iPage begin at only $4.50 per month and will be even cheaper with a discount code from HostingCompanies.com.

iPage hosting’s unlimited features include:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited domains allowed
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited transfer/bandwidth

iPage also brings a number of member-only deals and tools from top Internet companies to their customers. Among these companies are:

  • Bing search
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • PayPal
  • Yahoo search
  • Yellowpages.com

These member-only deals include credits towards various services and tools at these companies. The credit offers include:

  • $25 credit for Bing search
  • $25 credit for Yahoo search
  • $50 credit for Facebook Advertising
  • $50 credit for Google AdWords

These credits can help clients utilize top-tier services at a reduced cost to them. This can be especially useful for small or start-up companies who may not have the budget to vigorously promote themselves. It saves clients a considerable time by allowing them to manage everything through iPage. A 60 day membership for RatePoint’s newsletter manager is also bundled with iPage’s extra services.

E-commerce services and tools can be added to websites that buy or sell products. A free online store can be set up with minimal effort by the client. Clients have their choice of shopping cart styles to allow their website customers to easily add and subtract items that they might want. And by using PayPal, iPage’s clients can have their customers complete transactions with a widely accepted monetary system.

Email addresses can be set up for any of the client’s domain names. A webmail feature allows clients to check their domain email from anywhere in the world. It’s a handy feature for clients who may travel frequently or only have access to a smart phone. Spam filters can be customized to each client’s personal preferences so that they only receive the emails that matter. A virus scan will check every email that comes in to help prevent malicious incidents.

iPage offers global reach with their hosting services. Among their worldwide selling points are:

  • 6 different physical locations across the world
  • 25 brands serving different regions around the globe
  • Customers from 150 different countries

iPage’s phone customer service is located in North America. iPage utilizes email, live chat, and phone service to address client issues. All customer service avenues are operated 24 hours every day, 7 days a week. The customer service provided by iPage includes:

  • Calls to customer service answered in less than 2 minutes on average
  • Money return guarantee if the client ever feels unsatisfied
  • Online help center
  • Step-by-step tutorials

The customer service representatives at iPage undergo extensive training before they can communicate directly with clients. Each one has rehearsed appropriate question and answer responses many times. Every customer is assured of having their problem or question solved in a courteous and speedy manner.

iPage is one of the only hosting companies to feature green energy as a power source. Their data centers and offices offset emissions produced through the purchase of renewable energy credits. According to iPage’s data, their credits prevent 2,660 metric tons of carbon emissions each year.

This gives iPage a valuable advantage for companies or individuals who want to contribute to environmental awareness. Customers are increasingly interested in purchasing green products and services.

iPage’s physical assets include data centers in two different locations. Each of the data centers is connected via numerous GB fiber optic connections of diverse backbones. iPage’s network data will show visitor statistics as well as provide access and error logs to clients.

Backups of the data occur frequently to prevent clients from losing valuable information. NetApp Snapshot is used for data backup. Power backups are provided from both UPS and diesel generators in the event of a power outage taking place.

Clients looking for a hosting option which integrates other Internet companies into its services should consider iPage. The price rates are highly competitive and the features scale from beginner level technical ability up to expert. For clients who want to incorporate multiple Internet companies’ features into their site plan, iPage hosting could be the answer.

*Disclaimer* We are not iPage.com nor do we provide web hosting services to customers directly. We receive compensation from the web hosting companies for customer sign ups. HostingCompanies.com is independently owned and operated and our reviews are written by professionals.